I started breeding Burmese cats in 1999 and have been a registered breeder of the New Zealand Cat Fancy since then. My Grandmother, Betty Green bred both Burmese and Siamese under the prefix Danum so I have grown up with and enjoyed these breeds since I was very young. Graduating as a veterinarian furthered my interest in breeding.


My first breeding queen was Ch Jolichat Frejya.





I am very gratefull to Mrs Vera Stickney for allowing me to have Frejya. Frejya had seven litters of beautifull kittens before her retirement in 2003 and has been a fabulous foundation queen for Sashima Burmese. Frejya passed away in 2014 aged 15 years. She has left a huge legacy behind her.




I would like to thank Margaret Ridge of Radinka Burmese for being such a wonderfull mentor to me as I started breeding Burmese. She very generously allowed me to use her studs and provided support and inspiration to my breeding programme.  


From Frejya's second litter to Margarets English import Alicorn Riggly Rignola, I kept a blue girl Sashima Pikachu. Pik's had the most fantastic outgoing nature. If we ever had visitors she would make a beeline first to their laps and then into their beds if they were staying the night. She won many people over to the Burmese breed.





  I mated Pikachu to Champion Roellen Dark 'n' Stormy (Simon) and unfortunately this was to be her only litter of kittens. I kept a lilac girl Bronze Double Grand Champion Sashima Paris from this mating.




Paris was born in 2001. She was a fantastic mother and loved showing off her kittens to visitors. However if they weren't paying enough attention to her she was likely to wrap her paws around their ankles and give them a little nip just to remind them who was the most important cat in the household! Such is her personality that many people left asking me if they could take Paris rather than the kitten they had come to look at. Paris had eight litters of kittens and was retired from breeding in 2008. She has left us four beautifull queens, Bali, Java, Bree and Moselle.




In 2008 Julie joined the Sashima prefix. It has been great having a good friend with whom to share ideas, breed lovely kittens and to celebrate our sucesses in the show ring. Julie has Java, Alaska, Georgia, Geneva and the boys, Bandit, Chicago & Cody at her house.


We would both like to thank Carla Purcell from Sabokah Burmese for allowing us to use her stud's, encourage us with our breeding direction and allowing us to lease our first stud Bronze Double Grand Champion Starkatz Aussie Bandit.


We are looking forward to continuing to improve our Burmese type but most importantly maintain the friendly outgoing nature of the Burmese breed that gives so much pleasure to their owners.