about us

Sashima Burmese 


Genevieve Rogerson and Julie Hansen are New Zealand Cat Fancy registered Breeders who specialize in breeding Burmese with personality.  We are two friends who joined together in 2008 to share our mutual interest and love of the Burmese breed.  Luckily we both have very understanding husbands.


Our breeding cats are treated very much as household pets, which give us hours of entertainment and pleasure.  We have also had some success on the show bench.


 We both live in Palmerston North.  We welcome visitors which allow us to show off our cats. 



"Last night I jumped in the shower only to discover that I don't like water that much, and falling in the toilet wasn't that much fun either!  I love to follow my human friends around and I can always be found under their feet.  If you are using the computer I will be on the keyboard, if you are getting dinner ready I will be trying to get in the cupboard, if you are making the bed I will be under the sheets, if you are folding up the washing I will be in the basket of clean clothes, BUT if you are watching T.V. I will be curled up on your lap."


If you like a cat with loads of personality, then I'm the breed for YOU!